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Paul Bangay’s philosophy on creating a balanced garden


Paul Bangay is one of Australia’s best known and highly regarded landscape designers, sometimes referred to as the landscaper designer to the rich and famous. In over 25 years Paul Bangay has been busy creating some of Australia’s most beautiful, award-winning gardens, and written several books. In this video Deb continues her chat with Paul – to learn what his personal philosophy is when creating a garden.

The garden should look like it belongs to the house

“I think the most important thing for me is that the garden looks like it belongs to the house. It’s very important there’s this flow between the house and the garden. That can be physical flow or it can be aesthetics – so it can be in the style of the house or sympathetic to the style of the house.”

The client’s needs

Paul second key point is what the client actually wants from their garden.

“That’s really varying. Do they have kids? Do they want the kids to be involved? What recreational things do they want? I want people to get out and enjoy it and actually get into the garden.”

“People are now wanting their kids to be involved in the garden. They actually want to be able to pick things from the garden. But when I first started out, everyone did their own garden. And I think that’s where people got incredible balance from their lives. They knew the plants, they’d learned the names of the plants from their mothers or grandmothers, and they actually enjoyed propagating things or going to the nursery, maintaining the garden themselves. That’s completely been lost. People now just get people in to maintain their gardens, which I think is kind of sad.”

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