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Most of us have in the back of our minds a vision of what our dream home might look like – hoping that one day, we may we’ll reach our dream and “live happily ever after”. I reckon you’re one of the lucky ones if you even get close to that.

My first apartment I bought years ago in Sydney was my dream home, I loved it and vowed never to sell! But then, so was the next place I purchased and the one after that. Over the years I crafted in my mind the kind of home that I’d like to create, light filled, open plan, comfortable costal living with a fire place raging in winter and a killer kitchen to go with my love of entertaining.

I was fortunate to be the lucky buyer of a great house on the coast with the bones that will allow me to realize my forever home. It’s a great location facing north east and perfectly livable the way it is. Having settled in it for about a year, through each season, I know that the house needs a redesign to bring out its full potential. Upstairs needs to be opened up, front door and staircase needs to be moved and bathrooms, kitchen updated.

Having never embarked on any major renovation – it’s a little overwhelming and I have no idea what I’m in for. Hence I’m the renovating rookie.

I’ve worked on lifestyle home shows for years on television but this is different. This is my own personal project, completely unscripted, unstructured and for me, a real eye opener because I have no idea what I’m getting myself into!!!  I’ll obviously be guided by experts around me in hope that the mistakes I make are at least minimal!

I thought it would be a great learning experience for many of us who are in the same boat. So walk with me as I put on my hard hat, and start out on the biggest undertaking I’ve ever done….building my dream home. The only tools I have is my mood board for inspiration, I can see the end result and in my mind it will be amazing…now to get from A to B! What a ride….

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