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Why Deb chose Scyon Linea for her Hamptons exterior


When Deb moved to Bronte, she fell in love with the magical views and relaxed lifestyle that come with living close to the beach. Her new house was designed to take full advantage of the spectacular view, but she knew that building in this fantastic location would come with a few drawbacks.

Construction costs would be higher to allow for more durable building products and the way they need to be handled, and the house would be exposed to conditions that create rust, water damage, wind, and salt-air corrosion. Choosing the right exterior material to reduce the level of maintenance over the years was crucial.

Scyon Linea weatherboards were the perfect solution. They would be able to withstand the harsh coastal conditions and provide the Hamptons traditional weatherboard style she was looking for.

Scyon Linea features the clean, horizontal lines of timber weatherboards without the continual upkeep required of traditional timber. Made from a mix of sand, cement and wood pulp, the weatherboards resist flaking from shrinking or swelling and are fire, termite and water resistant.

In this video Deb continues her chat with Hamptons design expert Natalee Bowen of Indah Island about the benefits of using Scyon Linea over timber for her exterior.

“There’s maintenance regardless of what you do. That’s why I’ve been using the Scyon Linea for a long, long time now – because it does give that element of ease. To know when it’s been done it’s going to have that longevity. And the builders love using it because it’s actually a very easy product for them.”

Reduce the maintenance

In the following video, Deborah is talking to her builder Dave Klees of Virtue Projects talks about the benefits of using Scyon Linea over timber. Dave has been using Scyon products for a long time. What are the benefits of Scyon cladding are over timber?

“It’s readily available, uniform. It’s easy to install, minimal prep work for painting as opposed to timber. Except for the fixing points that you have to patch over, it’s ready to paint”.

“It’s not going to deteriorate like timber will, more robust and durable. More suited to external conditions. It won’t rot in any conditions.”


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