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Wide or narrow weatherboards for your Hamptons exterior walls?


WA based Natalee Bowen, owner of Indah Island Design, is the go-to expert for anything Hamptons style. In this video Deb continues her chat with Natalee on the elements that create a Hamptons style exterior.

Traditional Hamptons houses use shingle or weatherboard cladding, the latter more commonly used in Australia.  Scyon Linea is a cement composite cladding that creates the charming, timeless look of weatherboard without the maintenance needed with traditional timber. Linea is available in 150mm width and a 180mm width.

Which width should you choose?

The Scyon design experts advise that choosing the right weatherboard width for your Hamptons style home comes down to how much space you’re working with, your budget, and the overall look you’re trying to achieve. The 180mm Linea weatherboards are used most often on large new home builds or renovations as it takes fewer boards to dress sizeable exterior spaces, and the generous width of the boards create shadow lines that really emphasises the classic timber-style look.

If you’re building or renovating a moderately sized home, the 150mm Linea weatherboard is a worthwhile choice to add as much coastal charm as possible to a smaller area.

TIP: If you’re fond of both profiles and struggling to choose, you can dress the majority of your exterior with the 180mm size boards and use the 150mm boards in a concentrated area, such as a feature wall in a verandah, outdoor room or pool house.

For a closer look at the Scyon Linea profile compared with the more contemporary Scyon Stria, watch the following video. Owner of Virtue Projects, Dave Klees gives Deb a quick demonstration of how each profile fit together.


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