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Your exclusive Renovation Rookie member discount from Build in Common


We are proud to announce that members of Renovation Rookie are entitled to 10% off the cost of the fantastic Build in Common Toolkits. The offer is valid until 31/12/18. Check out the Build in Common Toolkits here. The code is BALANCE.

Toolkits to Inform, Empower and Keep You on Track

No need for lengthy courses, reading a stack of books or googling for hours, we have done the hard work for you. Taking what we have learnt over the years from working in the building industry and renovating property, we have created easy to use, step by step guides for you to plan, organise and build your next project.

Our Toolkits will show you how to:

  • Understand your options
  • Create your project brief
  • Ask the questions you need to get your design right
  • Know who you can choose to work with
  • Budget, prepare and negotiate
  • Compare and evaluate costs and quotes
  • Understand your plans and drawings
  • Navigate the build sequence for your project
  • Know which trades will be involved in the build
  • How to find the right trades for your project
  • Manage your builder and trade professionals
  • Master the language of building
  • Manage the handover and completion
  • Find other useful links and resources
  • Decide the best options for you

Whether you are simply thinking about renovating or building, or are just about to kick things off, having our Toolkit by your side as you source, plan, negotiate and manage your project will save you time, money and take the headache out of building!


Pia JustineCo-founders Justine Teggelove and Pia Turcinov are passionate about empowering and enabling consumers from all walks of life and circumstances to navigate the building process, giving them the confidence to build wealth and financial independence through property upgrades and development. Find out more about Build in Common here.

Build In Common

We believe that any woman can renovate, build or develop property; be it a renovation, extension, new-build, sub-division or a commercial development. Join us!

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