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2017… what a crazy ride!


As the year comes to a close I wanted to thank you for being part of our ‘balance’ journey once again and to wish you a happy and joyful end of year celebration. Goodbye 2017 bring on ’18!

This year has absolutely flown by…one minute it was March and end of summer, always a sad note as I LOVE the warmer months. Next thing I’m pulling on the woollies and cursing a cold, unheated house (about to be renovated) and now, with a blink of an eye, I’m lining up for pedicures again, the sandals are out and all is good with the world!

What a year it’s been. Without doubt one of my saddest ever, losing my dog Billie, my fluffball, my best mate in the world, my little girl who would have turned 10 this year. There is hardly a day I don’t shed a tear when I think of the love and joy she gave, not only to me but everyone she touched. What a loss. I wonder if I my heart will ever truly heal, but I was so incredibly lucky to have shared the years with her. She was a gift. #RIPBILLIE

This is also the year of beginning my house renovation. As you know I bought a coastal home two years ago with a strong desire to turn it into my forever home. It’s a great house with good bones but it needed a makeover…and I’m not talking paint and throw cushions, I’m talking a total reshaping with demolition that would bring out the best in her. Many of you may have travelled this renovation path before and succeeded, but I haven’t. I’ve only ever renovated one bathroom, pretty much chosen the tiles and taps! So I am ridiculously clueless when it comes to rebuilding.

Sonya my business partner, thought it would be fun to take you on this personal journey of discovery and my home reno so we started a new website I began recording pieces to camera so you get a birds eye view, warts and all on this projected 12 month rebuild. All I know is, I am the total ROOKIE and daily hear myself say “I don’t know, what do you think???” If you haven’t already done so, jump on… personally it’s a little overwhelming and I’m hanging on for the ride!

It has also been a breakthrough year for my health and fitness. In January, I revisited a Detox retreat I have come to rely on in Koh Samui called Kamalaya. I return every Jan to chill out, clean up, and indulge in self wellness, its fabulous. I go there after a very liquid silly season – detox and regain my sense of self. I can totally remember the day I arrived in mid-Jan earlier this year, looked at myself in the mirror and said “Deb, you have turned into a 55 yr old fat frump and it ain’t pretty!!” So I made up my mind to turn a new leaf. We’d also partnered up with Lifeshape clinics who offered me a chance to lose 5-6 kilos with professional help and I jumped on it with an overwhelming YES PLEASE!

So I made some life changes with diet, exercise and general lifestyle and have continued to improve my body shape and kept off the 7 kilos I lost. At this point as I head into the ‘silly season, I have cancelled the annual pilgrimage to Kamalaya and never felt fitter or in better shape. It’s a PB for 2017.

And it would be remiss, if not a little boastful to mention that I was honoured to be anointed as the Sydney Swans No1 Ticket Holder for 2018!! An amazing privilege and I adore being a part of an extraordinary club of champions. I’m a huge fan of AFL, I love my Swans, I love my boys, I love my footy and can’t wait for the 2018 season to begin #goswans

There have been so many amazing people that I am incredibly grateful to have by myside every day. My Mum Dell, who never ceases to amaze me with her resilience and strength. My partner Rob who has a heart of pure gold, my business partner Sonya with an astounding sense of humour to put up with me (!) and who lights the path for us all to travel. Huge love and thanks to Meg, our content manager for being the driving force behind Balance, overseeing everything with grace, humour and intelligence and importantly, writing for me when most needed! Finally an extra special thanks to my assistant Giselda who has been by my side every minute with the pack & move out of the house, and all the crap that goes with it. In the words of Jeff Fenech “I love youse all” 😊

Onwards and upwards…love, laughter and hugs!

Deb x

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