My Suppliers

As with any big project, the end result is a sum of the individual parts!

My renovation journey has been unlike anything I have ever undertaken before and I have been surprised by the intensity and the pace required to keep up. But one thing that has paid off, was my ongoing determination to work with the right people and the right products to ensure my dream home was exactly as I envisioned.

If you are looking for quality, service and advice for your next renovation project, then you may want to consider my list of suppliers and partners as a guide to help get you started.

Obviously, every project and person is different and these are independently run businesses so I am unable to control or influence your experience with them  – but what I can say, is that these suppliers have helped me achieve my dream.

I hope they can help you to.

Miele appliances

I have always coveted MIELE appliances. When I knew I was going to build my dream kitchen, the first thing I locked in was my Miele kitchen wish list. They have exceptional quality, the latest technology with smart thinking applications that will help me with time and energy in the kitchen.

Having done a couple of cooking classes at their Experience Centre, I’m hanging out to take control in my own kitchen!

From the moment I bought my property, I could see how to rebuild it into a Hamptons inspired coastal home.

The weatherboard look was an important factor in deciding the classic look and feel I wanted to achieve.

When I started to research products, I couldn’t go past Scyon Linea, as I needed a robust product to combat the exposed location of the house.

I love the fact it requires no maintenance and comes ready to paint. My builder Dave loves how easy it is to work with…so it was an easy choice for me. Cladding my house with Scyon Linea is literally the icing on the cake!

Scyon Linea Weatherboard
Freedom Kitchens

Having watched THE BLOCK and enjoyed the process of seeing a house come together…the one area which excited me the most was watching the gorgeous kitchens come to life.

So I went out to the Freedom Kitchen showroom, walked through the options and was impressed with the quality and innovation. After sitting down with Sue, who has been designing kitchens for nearly 30 years, I felt in very safe hands and loved every minute of working with her and seeing the 3D plan of my dream kitchen come to life. I tend to be spend most of my time in the kitchen…so I’m excited to see the end result! 😊

The most important relationship in renovating or building is with your builder. Personal recommendations mean everything.

I met Virtue Projects through a very good friend of mine who’d used them many times before.

It gave me the confidence that I’d partnered with a company built on trust, integrity and honesty. Virtue Projects are committed to quality building, focused on delivering to a client’s needs and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation.

Virtue Projects
Anna Carin

Not ever having renovated anything other than tile a bathroom (!) I knew I needed someone to hold my hand through the design phase and give me guidance and courage to bring the best out of this project.

Anna Carin and Torie Hyde have years of experience behind them and I’ve been able to draw on that through the entire process. On such a big project with so many things to consider and details to be drawn, it was worth having experts show you the way.

I’m building my ‘Hamptons style’ dream kitchen and plan to be living in my house for many years to come, so I’m looking for products that not only have a timeless look but durable enough to last many years of entertaining! Caesarstone keeps delivering new look finishes that give so many amazing options.

Cloudburst was recently released and is just beautiful with a subtle marble grain running through it, giving it depth and character. It will sit perfectly with the design of the kitchen and look incredible!

ZIP taps

I’m a committed hydrater! I love having the convenience of filtered water ‘on tap’ it’s an absolute necessity for me. I entertain a lot and offering sparking table water has always been important, but I hate the waste of buying in water and the excess packaging.

I have been waiting for years to design my own dream kitchen and install ZIP Hydro taps. They have innovative designs which compliment my ‘Hamptons style’ kitchen. I’ve set aside a separate area, away from the main sink as a water station so everyone can help themselves without getting under my feet!

I’ve always had a taste for good wine and began collecting wine from different regions many years ago. It’s my dream to have a beautiful wine room to house my collection that’s been sitting in storage!

Vine and Vault are the masters at creating luxury wine cellars.  Challanged with a small space they provided clever solutions maximising space and at the same time designed a beautiful room with gorgeous textures and finishes that will be unique to this house.

Vine & Vault
big arse fans

I love sleeping under a rotating fan in summer, it reminds me of my childhood in Queensland. When designing the house I wanted to install one in the master bedroom and one over the lounge to keep the air moving. If I can avoid using AirCon I will.

A while back a designer friend of mine told be about BIG ASS fans and I decided after checking them out that they’d be the ones I’d be installing. I love the wide ergonomic blades and the clean stylish look of the HAIKU and they are so quiet.

Energy efficient and fab looking – there was no other choice for me!

I’ve had Jetmaster fireplaces in the past, both gas and open firewood and they’ve never failed me…so I’m going again!

Being that I live in the city and the fireplace sits on the first floor it had to be gas fuelled…cleaner, less hassle, very warming and all with a flick of the button. The more elongated profile I’ve chosen works well with the design of the stoneclad fireplace

Jet master

Door hardware is something you handle everyday (all pun intended), so getting it right is important.

My thoughts are whatever you touch the most has to feel right in your hands and look great.

Tradco designs fit perfectly with the classic look I’m after. They offer timeless classic designs, that will never date. I’ve gone for the polished nickel finish in BALTIMORE which has a luxurious warmth to it which I love.

Warmer tones than chrome…it’s the perfect finishing touch to my Hamptons style doors.

Never underestimate the impact of stunning skirting and architraves. The key to finishing a house properly is in the detail.

You need to frame the doors and floors expertly, making sure you pay respect to the fixtures and helping them shine. Intrim have some stunning moulding profiles that suit all style of houses.

Hamptons Inline

After discovering the amazing health benefits of infrared sauna, and spending the last 18 months fitting in two a week, I have become a total advocate!

Detoxifying, muscle recovery and weight loss add to a long list of benefits. Desperate to have one if I could fit it, I’ve managed to make it work in the back courtyard garden.

To fit in with the look of the house, I’m going to clad it in the same Scyon Linea and Surfmist colourbond roofing – it will look like a mini version of the house, cleverly concealing the best Infrared sauna on the market!

I wanted high grade aluminium, powder coated windows, glass louvers and fixed glass panels.

My house has so many variations throughout and Great Lakes delivered on every promice.

Great Lakes windows

I love having an outdoor shower! It’s incredibly refreshing to shower in the open, with fresh air and light all around you.

If I need to wash off the sand and salt, or jump in under after a hot sauna, I want to stand under a beautiful copper shower head. Not only is copper robust but the patina just improves over time.

If you’re going to shower alfresco then the most beautiful one I’ve seen comes from Brooklyn Copper Co. Simon is a master craftman with a love of copper. And the TAMA is going to look gorgeous in my backyard.

Brooklyn Shower
I've got time gardening

I began using IGT services many years ago when I had a courtyard garden that deserved regular maintenance and attention. No matter what was required, Beven who owns the business, always made sure I had the right man power for the job at hand.

So when it came time to install my new landscape garden, there was pretty much only one team I wanted to work with.

After much research and getting feedback from many sources, I was convinced I needed to install solar panels on my roof. Having spoke to a few companies Matt and MPV really delivered on their promise.

Efficient and quick to install, expertly designed to give a clean look to the roof, the guys have done a great job 👍