Deborah’s biggest take-out from Houzz


In this final segment with Vanessa Walker, Editor of Houzz Australia and New Zealand, Deborah talks about the best thing she’s taken from Houzz for her renovation journey.

Entering into a massive renovation as a rookie renovator, you don’t know what you don’t know. This means you don’t know enough about what happens next, to know what the right questions to ask.

As Deb says “You can see an outcome but you don’t know how to get there!”

Her biggest take-out, or gain, from Houzz was being able to find the right information to help form her initial knowledge base. The huge amount of information available within Houzz Stories and Advice, provided invaluable guidance on where to start, what to be aware of and how to ask the right questions.

There are 46,000 professionals on Houzz, from architects and interior designers through to all of the trades. Many of these professionals contribute articles, and as Vanessa states, they are imparting their professional knowledge to the reader at no charge. Whatever you need to know, at whatever stage of your renovation, you will find related information and helpful answers from within the Houzz community.

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