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Have you seen Deb’s bespoke wine room?


As Deb says, “If you know anything about me, you know that I like my wine!” In this video Deb reveals her gorgeous Vine and Vault wine room.

Deb has had her large wine collection in storage for the last three years and is excited to finally be able to store it in her new ‘wine room’. It is cleverly concealed behind the Axon panelling further along the kitchen wall.

“I wanted to build a wine cellar that wasn’t going to be downstairs and hidden, I wanted something that was really accessible to the dining room.”

Deb’s beautiful wine room was designed for her by experts in the design and build of custom wine cellars, Vine and Vault in Melbourne. The timber colours and materials to complement the Mafi oak flooring. It is designed to store in excess of 350 bottles. The room features pull-out wine drawers, uniquely designed to look like high-end wine crates.

vine vault wine room01

The wall shelving stores an impressive array of wine from reds and whites to champagnes. Soft LED lighting comes on automatically as the door opens and the mirror at the back reflects more light.

Deb absolutely loves her Vine and Vault wine room.

Learn more about Vine and Vault’s custom wine cellars.

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