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A perfectly practical pantry


In a big, big house, there’s a big, big kitchen with a hidden door to a perfectly proportioned, and very practical pantry. No, it’s not a fairy tale… this is part of the story about the Hamptons style dream kitchen that came true!

Working with her personal Freedom Kitchens consultant, Deb planned her kitchen layout and storage in meticulous detail. Every area was carefully considered and accounted for – from prep areas, the column of Miele appliances ie. the ‘power tower’, to the integrated fridge and freezer. Maximising the storage in such a spacious kitchen meant Deb didn’t see the need for a huge pantry.

This well-thought out pantry has its own sink, counter space for Deb’s coffee machine, microwave, toaster, and other appliances. Like all good cooks, Deb’s pantry is neatly organised, everything is clearly in view and within arm’s reach.

The pantry door is clad in Scyon Axon. By cleverly concealing the rooms behind the wall, the Axon creates visual continuity, maintaining the spacious look of the upstairs area.



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