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Choose environmentally friendly and sustainable flooring by MAFI


Deb was introduced to the beautiful Mafi flooring range early in her design planning.  Consequently Deb’s home now boasts the most beautiful floorboards in Oak Molto Clear Brushed White Oil – perfectly suited to her Hampton’s neutrals colour palette. Mafi produces finished, engineered timber floor boards and are 100% all-natural and free from harmful substances such as formaldehyde. They offer a comprehensive range of timber species, each plank hand-picked to provide clients with three different surface options.

Intrim Skirting
MAFI floorboards in Oak Molto Clear Brushed White 16mm

Each timber species Mafi can supply complies with FSC environmental standards. As sourced from FSC:

“FSC policies and standards aim to make the greatest possible contribution to forest stewardship worldwide. FSC works to be recognised as the global centre of excellence in the development of international standards for forest certification. The FSC International Center sets the framework for the development and maintenance of international, national and sub-national FSC standards.”

Mafi’s ‘Vulcano’ range are a darker choice of timbers which are thermally treated to provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to tropical woods, with the added benefit of being chemical-free. Their particular timber baking technique made Mafi the first in its industry to develop a real alternative to tropical timbers.


Mafi state that their “entire philosophy is based on ensuring the most ecological use of this renewable, raw material, wood. This is reflected in all areas of the organisation from material procurement to production processes and maintenance”.

Throught the use of their Vulcano range, Mafi save 200,000m2 of tropical woods every year. Using natural oil finishes, Mafi save 50 tonne of varnish annually. Offcuts and sawdust are recycled and made into pellets that are used to heat and power the Mafi factory. Excess is sold to other businesses.

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