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Framing doors and windows – the importance of architraves and skirting boards


Way before I began my renovation, when I was still in the early planning stages, a friend said to me “by the end of the project you’ll have made a decision about every single millimetre”. And he was right! When you start in on a massive renovation project, having never undertaken anything like it, you have no idea what you don’t know or even what to expect.

I was extremely lucky to have the best builders who understood my ignorance around build/construction and held my hand through the process, explaining as we went. Every day would bring new questions and decisions, often with the need to act as fast.

When it came to choose internal finishes some things were easy, I wanted timber wall panelling to run horizontally, Hamptons style internal doors with raised cross panels, plantation shutters for the windows and detailed architraves and skirting boards.

In deciding what profile of arch/skirts I wanted, I had no appreciation of how many designs there were to choose from. What would work with my style of house and then what size? Things I’d never contemplated before. Architraves and skirting boards play an important part of framing the windows and doors, so I wanted to get the balance right.

Doing some research, I came across INTRIM MOULDINGS and they had such a wide range, I knew I’d find my solution. My house is not traditional Hamptons but a nice mix of coastal as well, so I was open to what style of framing would best suit. I needed some advice…

From the get-go the brief for the house was to feel like it had been there for years, so the timber detailing was always going to play an important role. After trawling through Pinterest and some of my collected photographs, I got my selection down to a favorite few but then leant on the experts at INTRIM to guide me towards the right profile trim that worked back with my doors/windows and importantly the size that would work.

I’m fortunate that I have high ceilings and doors, so I could afford to have a deeper profile for the skirting boards. They play an important role in protecting walls from wear and tear but I wanted a visually stylish look to my rooms as well.

In the end we decided on SK568 in 185mm skirting and 90mm architraves. They created a cross section drawing of what these profiles would look like in those sizes, so I could see where the rebate would sit. We also discussed that I was using V lining boards, and they suggested this profile really pops when using a shiplap board. They were right!

All the way through this renovation I have been blessed by having the right experts on hand when I needed them. When I sit back now in my favorite chair opposite the fireplace and admire the architraves around the windows and the skirting boards lining the northern wall, I’m so thrilled with the look and the shadow lines they create. The trims subtlety add another layer of interest…as they say…the devil is in the detail.

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