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Capturing the character of Hamptons with Linea weatherboard


When Deb first bought her house in Bronte, she planned for it to be her ‘forever home’. Having loved the Hamptons style for most of her life, Deb knew this was the opportunity to eventually create her own Hamptons style home.

One of the first things she did was attend the Sydney Home Show, and as she wandered around, she ran into the display for Linea weatherboard. Deb already knew from her research that the key thing you need to create a Hamptons style house was a weatherboard facade. She loved the fact that this fantastic Scyon product was low-maintenance, durable and very authentic looking.

“I’m in a really exposed area, so I needed something that was going to last the test of time. It comes pre-primed, so all of that made sense to me”.

“I just love the shadow lines… that play of light that comes into all that timber-work. It’s an absolute stand-out for me.”

Working out the design of the facade of her house was one of the more complex problems for Deb. With alot of expert advice, she finally settled on a floating balustrade for the front deck. One of the best pieces of advice Deb received was from Hamptons expert Natalie Bowen, who suggested she clad the inside of it with the same Scyon Linea weatherboard. In the video below we can see how beautifully this suggestion turned out.

“… and I have to say, it’s SO obviously the right decision because when you’re standing inside the house and looking out, it’s got that same continuous feel. It really feels like the outside, the whole house, all just works seamlessly together. It’s just beautiful, particularly with the backdrop of the palm trees. It’s so Hamptons and coastal.”


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