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Episode 41 – Boudoir, bathroom and back yard updates


The transformation from building zone to liveable home continues. I’m standing in front of the doorway to my walk-in robe, which will be concealed by a mirrored  sliding door. At the back of my walk-in, a big mirror will be recessed into the wall, lit by an overhead light and LED strip lighting down the sides. The reason for surrounding lighting is specifically to create a really even light for doing my makeup, as the lighting in my bathroom will come from the side. Strategic planning ladies!

Take a look at my vlog update below to see where my bathroom is up to.

In this next clip you get an idea of the significant challenges my landscape designers had to factor in to create a decked garden courtyard.

There’s a huge drop at the back which needed serious retaining and drainage.

I had to stand my ground to keep the high planter box. It’s been clad in the same stonework as the front of the house and now it ties in beautifully. Look at what will be my view from the master bedroom. And yes, I said astro turf…



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  1. Tricia Clarke

    June 22, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    Love the stone planter box, you were right to stand your ground.

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