6 Essential Bathroom Renovation Questions Answered


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Renovating a bathroom isn’t a simple process and it often creates a whole lot of questions. And it’s no wonder – you need to fit in a shower, vanity, storage, toilet, bath, mirror, towel rail and lighting… and that’s just the essentials. Beyond fitting everything into the bathroom, it is a highly demanding space in terms of function. And if that isn’t enough, once you plumb it, there are no changes, unless you are going to pay for the whole thing again!

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1. Do I need to have a bath?

If you have a house with three bedrooms or more, most people would recommend a bath be included in your bathroom design. Most families have a preference for a bath, and it adds an element of luxury to your bathroom. If you can’t fit in a bath and a shower separately, then the shower-over-bath combination is a great option. You can still make it a design feature by building a dynamic base with the bath, as seen in this bathroom. Many bathrooms simply aren’t big enough for a bath though; if this is the case, then a shower with a removable shower head is important for functionality.

2. Should we have a separate toilet?

If you have the room, it is always a good idea to have a separate toilet. When you are renovating you may have some nooks or small spaces that don’t serve a purpose, and which you can turn into a separate toilet.If you don’t have the space or want to get rid of your separate toilet in order to steal extra space for your bathroom, then you are at no disadvantage; most homes do not have a separate toilet.Tip: The placement of the toilet is important within your bathroom layout. Ideally, hide it out of direct sight from the entry.

3. Should I tile?

Tiling does look stunning in the bathroom, but it comes with a price tag attached. While tiles range in price and quality and can be found at affordable prices, the key reason for the cost is the additional trades involved. Waterproofers, tilers, builders to level out the floors and potentially install underfloor heating, may all be required to complete this.If this isn’t an option, there are some great vinyl flooring alternatives that you can use instead, just make sure they are suitable for wet areas. And walls are similar; consider an acrylic liner rather than tile, an affordable option that is far less labour intensive.

4. How do I add colour to my bathroom?

Don’t shy away from colour in the bathroom. If you choose it well, it won’t date and will create a stunning mood within the space.Adding colour is about creating a restful space that complements your design. Leaning towards greys, blues and greens in your bathroom means colour won’t overwhelm the space, and these hues (particularly green) promote relaxation. If you don’t want colour on your walls, there are so many other options to bring in colour; the tapware, accessories such as towels and candles, or even artwork and plants.

5. Do I need task lighting?

The most common reason to have lighting over the mirror in a bathroom is to make it easy to put on makeup. But realistically, most people don’t put their makeup on in their bathroom, and natural light is the best lighting to use anyway.So before adding task lighting, consider whether there is a task you will do that needs extra light. If not, you don’t need task lighting and you have saved yourself some money and time. That said, general lighting is important within a bathroom. Think about selecting strong lighting such as downlights so you can have a lot of light reaching most areas.

6. How do I make a design statement?

Achieving a stunning design statement in the bathroom is best achieved through the vanity; it’s a safe place to draw the eye and there are vast design options available to suit just about any style. Consider investing in a designer vanity – there are some incredible pieces available if you know where to look. Matching a vanity with an eye-catching mirror will amplify the effect of the vanity. And if you don’t have the money to spend on a statement vanity, a stunning mirror and some on-trend pendant lighting can be all you need to make it appear expensive and luxurious.

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