The accessories matter. Why I’ve become a devil for the details


I think that the design and build of your home is a bit like selecting and choosing the perfect dress to wear, it needs to feel right, suit your personality, your lifestyle and celebrate your own, unique style.  Getting the dress right is one thing but accessorising it is something entirely different. As most women know, you can have the perfect dress and then completely kill the look with wrong shoes, bad jewellery and terrible hair!

When I began to rebuild my home in Sydney, I had a very clear picture of what I wanted ‘the dress’ to look like, I could see the overall floorplan, and the look and feel of the house. I wanted a real beach house, not a house at the beach. Some things were easy, it had to be weatherboard, painted white, open exposed rafters with a high, vaulted ceiling, wide oak flooring, open kitchen, massive fireplace, with timber panelled walls, reminding me of growing up in Queensland. Deciding all that was the easy part…

I then found out what it was like having to research and select all the fixtures and fittings…the accessories! The jewels that were going to make my house shine. With so many options available on every single item I had this realisation that it wasn’t going to be as easy. The devil was in the detail.

I worked my way through lighting, bathroomware, tiles, marble and paint colours…and just when I thought I had it all sorted my builders said to me “what do you see for the doors and handles/hardware?” I’m like ‘What???’ I had no idea…I hadn’t even considered it.

My brief to the architect was that I wanted a classic, timeless, mature elegance about the house, I wanted it to feel like it had been sitting in its place for many years and would never grow old and date. So, all the wall panelling, fixtures and fittings had to fit into this brief.

Thankfully I discovered Tradco Architectural Hardware and how beautiful door ware can look, especially when partnered with a stunning panelled door.  I couldn’t quite believe the range and the different finishes available, which was exciting to consider the options, but at the same time I had to hold myself back and remember my original brief. Timeless, classic, ageless.

It was far more complicated than I thought, but the guys at Tradco helped me work through the door schedule room by room and did it with such ease. Its moments like this you need your experts! I was happy to sit back, let them lead and learn! I ended up choosing a classic style for my internal doors ‘Baltimore’, in polished nickel which is stunning. Nickel has a lovely warmth that chrome doesn’t give you. I had chosen it for all my bathroom fittings as well. Even the door hinges are polished nickel and I never walk through a door now without noticing how gorgeous they are! By the way, a great tip I was given by a designer friend was to make sure the doors are fully painted before installing so there is no paint on the hinges.

So then my focus turned to the front door, the first impression you get of the house. I have always wanted a Hampton’s style panelled front door with a round centre door knob and a large shiny door knocker…and Tradco had the answer. So now I have my dream front door, handsome, classic, elegant with stunning door hardware that will last the test of time.

If you want to get a handle on your renovations, do what I did and let Tradco open doors for you.

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