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Architect Philip Leamon discusses the issues that cause the biggest delays


Philip Leamon and Associates is a small architectural firm located in Sydney, which specialises in prestige residential projects including alterations and additions, new houses and unit developments.

Deb asks Phil what usually holds up the building process?

From Phil’s experience he finds that once the project has started and the builders are on site, it usually unforeseen problems that create a delay.

Phil’s advice for rookie renovators

It’s an old cliché but proven true, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Before construction starts, the more preplanning you have done, and documentation you have prepared, the more equipped you are. You are narrowing down the variables.

Otherwise you are constantly chasing the builder, trying to provide them with the details they need to progress, whether documentation, approvals or problem-solving. Additionally, you may be pressured to make quick decisions as the issues arise, risking a decision you may later regret.

“You don’t want to be thinking later, if you’d had more time to resolve that problem or add that detail, could it have turned out better?”

Deb notes she’s learned that being forced to make quick decisions during construction can also lead to a budget blow-out as you haven’t had the time to seek more advice or a better price.

If you are an experienced renovator, you may have the knowledge to make those quick decisions. If not, once construction has begun, the time you take to contemplate or research will hold up the builders progress.

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