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Architect Philip Leamon explains project management


Philip Leamon and Associates is a small architectural firm located in Sydney, which specialises in prestige residential projects including alterations and additions, new houses and unit developments.

The office was founded by Philip Leamon in 2004. Philip is a registered architect with more than 30 years experience in all aspects of commercial and residential architecture, and interior design. Since it’s inception the firm has been nominated for a number of awards and received an excellence in housing award for the Middle Cove house in 2009.

Like a lot of rookie renovators, when Deb started planning her renovation she didn’t know what a project manager actually does. She speaks with Phil about the project manager’s role and what would be the advantage of using one?

It can be confusing to understand this title. You may be dealing with the architect or builder who you have assumed will be in charge of your coming project. This is something you have to clarify from the outset. Sometimes either person may fulfil the role of project manager but it depends on the scope of the project.

A project manager is one person who takes an overview of all the consultants during the project. In the instance there is no project manager, without prior experience, you may make a decision on something that you aren’t aware has an flow-on effect on the other consultants.

A good project manager should have a broad cross-section of experience and be able to anticipate whether any changes or problems on site will have an impact elsewhere on the project. If necessary they would then involve the relevant consultants on your project (eg. architect, engineer, interior designer) and give them an opportunity to help or resolve the issue.

Using a project manager helps you minimise the potential for mistakes and what may be costly delays.

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