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Behind Closed Doors, 2017 Storage Trends


Sydney’s leading wardrobe and storage designer, Sally Hart shares with us the 2017 storage trends that are influencing renovations and the design of new homes around the country.

1.  Libraries are de rigueur

Families are nesting and nestling with books. Floor to ceiling bookcases that wrap around corners, and fireplaces to warm their hearts and minds. If there isn’t space for a library, they’ll sneak a reading nook into a light filled window space. And they’re spreading the book love to their kid’s rooms by incorporating shelves and window seats for story time.

2.  Family Launch Pad

Anything to make getting out the door easier is a goer.  We’re re-interpreting the North American mudroom into a climate appropriate transit space.  Imagine in a central spot near the kitchen or under the stairs where we design cabinetry for school bags, gym gear, shoes, hats, sunscreen, beach gear, shopping bags etc.

3.  Central Communication

Also popular is a charging station in a central location. Phones, iPad, the family laptop are plugged in where young kids can be supervised on the internet.  Add some pigeon holes for everyone’s in-out notes, and, in theory, everyone has what they need to get organised.

Family Launch

4.  The Rise of the She Cave

As Carrie Bradshaw said “I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet”

Many women accumulate a great wardrobe thoughout their working career and now they have a  space to do it justice. Women are building “she caves”. No longer a shared walk in wardrobe, the dressing room is just for her and her clothes.  Adorned with ottomans, mirrors, chandeliers, photos, wallpaper, and displays of their favourite fashion it’s their own little dress shop.

She cave

5.  The Look- If it’s not Hamptons it’s Hipster

Cosy industrial, nostalgic and eclectic, the Hipster trend reigns supreme with asymmetry, mixed materials and open shelving.  Lots of wood (real or fake),  combined with white or pastels adorned with trailing plants and yes, a little macramé…..for anyone over fifty, it brings a smile as we remember record playing days, and happy hippie times. I’m even designing cabinetry for vinyl records again!  It’s easy to personalise and can be done quite well on any budget. However what the Hipsters haven’t thought about yet…. is the dusting. After a few years of dusting all that open shelving they might be looking for doors, but let’s not throw the wet blanket on fashion.


Which brings us to the Hamptons look. Always easy to live with traditional shaker style cabinetry and panelling. Chalky white and neutral tones with navy is popular. Add some washed out wood, soft blue and rattan and you’re off to the coast with Beach Hamptons.


6. Grab on to this Trend

Handles are resurging. While I can appreciate the sleekness of handle-less cabinetry for a minimalist look, I was miserable that the trend went viral. Go figure, handles actually make opening a door easy!  Handles are to cabinetry what accessories are to the little black dress.



Sally Hart

Sally Hart is Sydney’s leading wardrobe and storage designer. Sally’s achievements have been recognised repeatedly over the years and most recently through being awarded the highly esteemed Best of Houzz Award 2015 for service.


  1. Belinda Smith

    September 25, 2017 at 9:18 am

    Fantastic tips by Sally Hart, as expected. She is the master of creating practical and beautiful storage for every home.

    • Sally Hart

      Sally Hart

      September 25, 2017 at 10:01 am

      Very kind of you Belinda, thanks

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