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Choosing the best flooring for your kitchen


With a growing popularity in open plan homes, kitchen flooring doesn’t just stop there as it tends to extend out into living and dining areas.  With this in mind, it’s important to identify the flooring characteristics that best suit your home and lifestyle.  Exploring floor options that maintain a high durability, provide longevity and suit a range of spaces within your home is a great first step towards choosing your perfect floor.

Here are some options to consider… along with their pros and cons!


Stone creates a classic feel with natural and unique variations.  Some stone flooring options include limestone, travertine, granite and slate, but with no two slabs completely the same you can enjoy subtle shifts in tone and depth.

– A big WOW factor – stone is elegant and timeless
– Robust, long-lasting and easy to care for
– Works well with underfloor heating

– Can be a little hard on your feet when you are standing for long periods of time
– Can be cold without underfloor heating
– Can scratch easily

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Brick can add a rustic French look to any home, and whitewashed brick can look modern but add character at the same time.

– Easily hides imperfections or small stains
– Maintains a steady, moderate temperature

– Because brick is a porous material, if it is left unprotected then spills and liquids can easily absorb into the brick
– Due to their weight, bricks tend to be suitable for ground floor installation only


This super sustainable option quickly adds a quirky, retro charm to your home.

– Naturally antibacterial and resistant to mould and mildew
– Insulating due to tiny air pockets throughout
– Easy to clean

– Heavy furniture can leave an imprint
– Can fade if exposed to strong sunlight over a period
– Spills that aren’t mopped up can cause damage


Similarly to cork, bamboo is a great option for the eco-conscious that also creates a clean and modern feel in any space.

– Easy to clean and maintain
– Depending on the type of bamboo, it can be extremely durable

– Can scratch easily
– Excessive exposure to water can cause it to warp or allow mould to grow


Sleek and expansive.  Rubber is a great option for modern homes with a contemporary feel, especially when applied in large sheets instead of tiles to avoid any visible joins.

– Strong and hard-wearing
– Particularly great for young families due to the soft bounce

– Chair legs and heavy items that are dropped can dent the floor
– Colour can fade in strong sunlight

Polished concrete

Polished concrete adds texture to a minimal palette and compliments industrial designs perfectly.

– Great thermal qualities – absorbs heat during the day and releases it at night
– Can be poured onto an existing floor with no levelling required!
– Easy to clean

– It can be slippery
– It can be chipped or cracked
– Can be uncomfortable when standing for long periods of time

Image source: Houzz


To find more kitchen flooring inspiration visit Houzz.


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