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Virtue Projects’ Dave Klees talks renovate vs detonate


In this video, Deb asks owner of Virtue Projects, Dave Klees, what the pros and cons are of a complete demolition as opposed to her project, which is only a partial demolition (plus renovation).

Dave explains that although a complete demolition means starting a new build with a clean slate, the building costs would still be higher. With Deb’s renovation, they have been able to save some of the old sandstone foundations and other period-style elements. To demolish, remove and replace these, would have been an additional cost and they were characteristics of the original house that Deb was happy to retain.

In the video below, Deb asks Dave to describe some of the challenges of her partial renovation.

The challenges of Deb’s renovation are:

  • Dealing with 60yr old walls that may not have been professionally built, or are not square and may need replacing
  • They are dealing with the existing sand-cement mortar, which is more fragile due to its age. While they are knocking down walls, the builders have to be aware of the older mortared areas as it could crumble and affect other areas of the house.


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