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Doors: the finishing touch to every home


A great deal of time, effort and attention to detail goes into building or renovating a home, not to mention money. When it comes to the finishing touches, like doors, it pays to take a little extra time to consider how influential door design and form can be to the overall look, feel and functionality of your home.

First impressions count, so besides being the gateway to your home, your entry door is your home’s external focal point. A stylish, well-maintained front door gives off an eye-catching appeal, delivering a good first impression and a welcoming environment to guests visiting your home. The Hume entrance range has been created with an optimised visual design that is clean, strong and appealing to look at.

The trend towards sturdy, over-sized entry doors remains very popular, which is why we’ve seen such an upwards trend towards getting a pivot door. For a traditional door, the frame must be fortified to provide a stable hold for a heavy door. By using a pivot door there is no need to reinforce the frame of the door since the door is supported by a pivot on the floor and another pivot at the top.

The larger openings provided by a Hume Pivot System are also a benefit for people with mobility challenges, and the hydraulic self-closer ensures the door will not slam closed.

Hume pivot doors provide the flexibility to choose from of a broad range of materials such as metal, stone, glass or any heavy materials that regular doors can’t handle.

If you love the warmth of the winter sun streaming through large clear windows and enjoy a summer where you can open up your home to the cooling evening breeze, the Hume Alfresco range of bifold doors is the perfect fixture. Fully weatherproof, the Alfresco range can be configured in any way to make best use of space and enhance the liveability of the home by bringing the outdoors in. Ideal for the Australian climate, alfresco doors are fast becoming a standard feature in new and renovated homes.


One of the biggest objectives in building, renovating or redecorating a house is to maximise every area. Cavity door units are a small rooms best friend but also help to maximise the available space within the home. They are designed to effortlessly tuck into what would otherwise be an empty wall pocket – taking advantage of otherwise unused space in the wall and unlike regular hinged doors, take up no extra floor or living space, creating more functional floor space within a room.

The Evolution Touch is a revolution in internal cavity doors due to its effortless door opening and closing. The door is firmly held inside the cavity and you simply need to push the edge of the door to activate the magnetised spring-loaded release system.

The Evolution Premium cavity unit goes a step further and is the perfect balance between open and closed plan living. Its floor to ceiling span features a minimal gap between the door, floor and ceiling allowing for the flexibility of creating free-flowing, open access or a more intimate enclosed room should the circumstances require.

No matter your door needs, the Hume range has you covered. All fully customisable, head to their website to find a supplier near you. Visit to view their full range of stylish internal and entrance doors.

Remember, planning and having the right information on hand before you get started, is key to successfully renovating and building.

Our range of Build in Common Toolkits have been designed as go-to-guides to give you the questions you need to ask of the building professionals, trades and service providers. Asking the right questions gives you the answers you need to make informed decisions and take the guesswork out of building and renovating. We will put you firmly back in control of your project, your home and your budget. Shop Build in Common Toolkits here.


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