Episode 30 – Tour of the ground floor


My reno started in November last year and five months later, I’m pleasantly surprised at how fast it’s progressing. We’re nearly at lock up so it’s a good time to walk you through the layout.

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At the front, the builders are preparing the footings for my new entrance. From the front door you enter quite a large foyer, which was previously a bedroom. The staircase will go to one side of the foyer. What was the front door and entry area, will now be the laundry and side route to the back yard.

The media room will be cleverly disguised as a guest bedroom, semi self-contained – a small fireplace, bar fridge, zip tap etc. If I’m ever recovering from an operation I’ll be stationed permanently in this room so I can watch my Swans in style. You can see by the amount of glass in the main bathroom that I’m aiming to let in as much natural light as possible to the north facing side. Although my neighbours are close on that side, there’s a privacy wall which will become a lush green wall. The study features the same amount of glass, again to maximise the natural light.

Walking toward the back of the house takes us to the master bedroom and ensuite. My walk-in wardrobe will be concealed with a barn-hung siding mirror door. Living here for the past two years means I know how to position things to take advantage of the view, so I know exactly where the bed will go. In the bathroom I’ve lowered the window level, my bath will be elevated, so it’ll be bubbles with a view…


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