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Episode 32 – Scaffolding is coming down


The scaffolding is almost down! A big relief, especially as I had made considerable changes to the façade design. I had my good friend Vaughan look over my design and we felt the façade wasn’t quite designed to it’s potential. With his invaluable design experience, and drawings later, we settled on changes that will really take it to the next level, adding so much more character and presence. As soon as the  front was clear of scaffolding, I could really see how amazing the house will look – even better than I’d expected! Hear more about it in my video below:

So why am I still losing sleep? This is what keeps me awake at night:

  • I’m so aware that I’m project managing something I have no experience in
  • I want it to be right so I don’t want to overlook something important
  • I’m trying to stay one step ahead of each stage so I’m ready to make decisions
  • I don’t want to waste anyone’s time
  • I don’t want to hold anyone up (because my fabulous builders are on schedule)

I had NO IDEA of how overwhelming and intense this project would be. I’m having to speak to the carpenters and joiners about things I’d just assumed were done one way, but I’m learning there are options I have to finalise for the smallest details. The gyprocking is about to start. It’ll be so exciting to see the rooms really start to take shape.

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