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Guess who was on TV this week?


This week Deb was on Channel 7’s The Morning Show, hosted by Larry Edmur and Kylie Gillies; and The Daily Edition, speaking with hosts Ryan Phelan, Sally Obermeder and Tom Williams.

Everyone was very keen to know more about Deb’s dream home and her renovation journey. You can watch the whole The Morning Show segment here; and the Daily Edition segment at here.

Below is a short snippet that we filmed from The Morning Show.

“I have to say it’s been a very quick build. It’s been nine months basically from knock-down to rebuild – which is extraordinary. I’ve had some really good people on board. Plus I’ve done the whole thing on a site called Renovation Rookie.” she told them. “Because I was the girl that everyone thought knew what she was doing, but I had NO idea.”

“… I just took on this project and thought you don’t know what you don’t know, so you just dive in the deep end. I had all these ideas, and it’s really come together.”

Kylie asks, “Is it at the tah-dah stage yet?”

“Yes it is. I’ve only had three nights sleep there, and it is so much better than I imagined. You’ve got all these plans and all these ideas in your head… then going through the motions… I tell you what a steep learning curve!” Deb responds.

“The feeling when I walk up the stairs and see that cathedral ceiling with those exposed beams and massive fireplace. It’s exactly what I wanted to build from the very get-go.”

Larry asks Deb if it’s weird that everyone knows the inside of her house. Deb laughs and explains that by choosing to ‘let people in’ by filming for Renovation Rookie, and Instagram posts, she can’t be surprised or annoyed if someone comments on her home.

Larry goes on to ask Deb about the stress levels involved in renovating.

“You’ve headed up a magazine, you’ve fronted TV shows, now you’re the boss of your own company – how does renovating your house compare in the stress stakes?”

“It has been stressful but I’ve had a really good run. I’ve had fantastic builders in Virtue Projects, I’ve had really good tradies, and I think being on site all the time, the stress isn’t there because you’re making decisions really quickly.”


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First night in my new home and loving the lounge room ambience

I’m in. First sleep 😴 🛏 nite x

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My welcoming entrance way

Aah… the serenity!

First 🛀 🧡🧡🧡

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