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How to find the right builder for your renovation


Renovating your new home usually involves juggling various projects, deadlines and trades schedules at once, so choosing the right builder, communicating effectively and maintaining a positive relationship is your number one tool when it comes to making sure everything runs smoothly. Developing a trusting builder/renovator relationship will pave the way towards a successful renovation.  Here are some tips I’ve learnt on how to choose the right builder and maintain a positive relationship.

Choosing your builder

Does the builder have a portfolio?

Ask to see some examples of the builder’s previous work. A portfolio not only gives you an idea of the builder’s quality of work and style, but also provides a visual demonstration of previous projects where you can draw similarities between your designs and building goals.

Do your research

Do they have customer or trade reviews and testimonials? Here are some key things to look out for when you are filtering through reviews:

  • Were they satisfied with the service?
  • Were they satisfied with the communication provided by the builder?
  • Were there any unexpected problems and if so, were they handled appropriately?
  • Would they be happy to recommend this builder to their family and friends?
  • Would they use this builder/company again?

Are they a registered builder and do they provide a warranty on their work?

Make sure to check your State or Territories list of registered builders before signing any contracts and committing to any renovation work.

Compare quotes

Choosing the right builder can ultimately come down to your budget and who you can afford, so it’s important to compare quotes once you have narrowed down a few builders who you and your renovation plans are compatible with. Remember that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the most affordable. It’s also important to consider factors such as longevity in the quality of work and future maintenance costs.

Maintaining your relationship with your builder

Be realistic in your expectations

It’s inevitable that things will change along your renovation journey, so it is better to expect the unexpected, but if you do require changes to the original plan, make sure to discuss realistic time frames, requests and to-do lists with your builder.

Address any problems

If a problem arises, address it as soon as possible with a solutions-focused mindset. This will help to eliminate small issues from turning into big problems in the future as well encourage an open feedback channel to compliment an honest and trusting relationship.

Have an understanding of the process

It is important to have an understanding of the building process so you can easily relate to your builder. Some processes to be familiar with include laying slabs, framing, roof and brickwork, rough-ins, internal linings and final completion steps. Having a general knowledge of each stage of work relevant to your renovation will make communicating so much easier and minimise miscommunication and confusion along the way.

Follow my renovation journey to see some of these tips in action.

How I’ve selected my builder


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