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How do you select the right architect?


An architect plays such a huge part in realising your dream – so how do you find the right architect for you?

Deborah notes to Amelia Lee from Undercover Architect, that for a novice starting out in the renovation process, finding the right architect isn’t always an easy task. There are a lot of architects, a lot of websites and many image galleries to peruse. It is so much more than just providing a brief and quote.

Amelia advises to be clear on what you want to do first in your renovation…  think about how you want to live in your home. You will need to feel comfortable describing all of this to your potential architect. To connect well with your designer, you need to be able to describe who you are as a person, couple or family – your lifestyle and hobbies.

It is important it is to find someone you can communicate with comfortably and honestly

You will be involved with this person for the duration of your project. Amelia describes it as potentially quite an intimate relationship. You have to feel like you can have honest, candid conversations with them, especially when it is about something they are doing that you don’t like, or want to change. In this case, you have to feel that they won’t take it personally and become aggressive and defensive about it.

Take your time

It can take some time to find the right person you can connect with. Take that time.  You are essentially searching for the right ‘team member’ to help you achieve your vision!


About Amelia Lee – Undercover Architect

Amelia Lee is the architect behind Undercover Architect. Undercover Architect operates mainly online to help homeowners (especially women) design and plan their future new homes and renovations. Think of it as your secret ally in getting it right, and saving time, money and stress – whoever you’re working with to create or transform your home.

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