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Landscape design dilemma


It’s been another big week for me. I think every week I learn a ‘lesson of the week.’ Watch my video below to hear more.

The week started with the surprise of finding out that halfway through the design of my backyard, the landscape architect has used the old architect’s drawings. They didn’t check the survey set-out plans, and this now causes major problems with where the footings are supposed to go, and the location of the boundary fences.

Lesson of the week: I’ve learned not to assume that everyone always knows what they’re doing. Always double-check and ask questions to make sure.

On a positive note, it was exciting to visit the stone supplier to select the beautiful marble that will be used in my bathroom. The bath will be under-mounted, so the stone will be a key feature.

I can’t believe how quickly things are progressing. I’m so impressed with how my builders, Virtue Projects, are steaming ahead on this job! Next week marks about one month since it started and they’re already doing the formwork to pour the slab for the first level. The brickies have already started on the new walls, and I can start to see the framing of all the new windows and doorways. It’s exciting to see the ground floor starting to take shape after looking at everything on paper for so long.


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