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What to consider when reading your Feng Shui


The most important thing to remember is that Feng Shui can’t change who you are as a person, however it can enhance your personality and make you feel more at home.

In this series of videos Deborah talks to Feng Shui expert, Aur, about her reading of her house and how to make her house feel good.

“If I put the Feng Shui to make you like, relaxing, read a book, have nothing to do. You will go crazy. You are always creating things, you want to talk, you want to create stuff, you want to work, you are an active person,” Aur said.

Aur says the bedroom should reflect your personality, the toilet or bathroom shows how you use your money.

“The toilet that is only for you, talks about your money. The toilet in the living room that other people can use is going to talk about (reflect) the money you use in your social.

“Your kitchen talks about how you interact with your family.”

Most of the time, a Feng Shui expert can tell from a floor plan and the birthdates of the occupants whether the house will become a home.

Using colour and furniture to fit your personality

A Feng Shui expert should be able to help ensure that:

  1. The environment is conducive to good family relations and communication
  2. You shouldn’t get sick if the time has not come
  3. You will not be lacking in your life


About Aur

Aur is the Lifestyle Mentor and Feng Shui advisor to over 200+ of Asia’s richest individuals, including Heads of State, Forbes 100 members, Royalty. Over the past 25 years, she has consulted for $5+ Billion dollars in property, hosted multiple TV shows with over 9 years airtime, and taught 1,000’s of everyday people how to create tangible changes to their lives using their homes, businesses and Buddhist mindset principles. She has now just released her first book for the public sharing some of her wisdom titled “Your Home Reveals Everything About You,” available on

About Aur

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