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Tara Dennis never went to Interior Design school


You may recognise the talented Tara Dennis from her design and decorating advice on the long-established Better Homes & Gardens. What you may not know, is that Tara has been appearing on our screens for almost twenty years. She has been presenting decorating, style and craft segments on shows like Our House, Changing Rooms, DIY Rescue, Renovation Rescue and is now in her eleventh year as part of the Better Homes & Gardens team. Tara also runs a busy design studio and has opened her flagship store The Tara Dennis Store in Wahroonga, on Sydney’s North Shore.

Today Deb asks about Tara’s early influences on interior decorating. Tara’s parents were serial renovators as far back as she can remember. Even at the age of 70, Tara’s mum has just started a big renovation. Her dad continues to decorate and renovate, constantly emailing her photos of his latest projects. It is no surprise then, to learn that Tara’s parents were her inspiration for interior design.

People are sometimes surprised to hear that Tara didn’t go to design college. From a young age, Tara was helping her mum strip walls, learning to wallpaper and doing painting jobs around the house. As she started learning about decorating and renovating from family-home projects, her parent’s influence was shaping what would become her lifelong passion for all things decorating.

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  1. Belinda Smith

    October 8, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    I get my love of renovating from my parents too Tara. Mum is 80, Dad 85. Their house is lovely and very up to date 2017, which surprises everyone because of their age. They have renovated since I was little and I know they will do it until they physically can’t. When you are born into it like that, it just becomes part of who you are.

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