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Tara’s tips for working with colour, style and comfort


In this interview Deborah asks Tara Dennis for her advice on how to embrace colour in the home.

Neutrals or beige walls are wonderful, but if you’d like an injection of colour, what is the best way to do it?

Tara’s first tip is to look at your wardrobe. Choose colours which reflect your clothing and accessories. Never choose colours you wouldn’t think of wearing. Everyone has style and colours they love and hold dear. ¬†Embrace those hues to help bring your own personal touch to your living space.

How do you find the balance between comfort over style?

Tara’s advice is that you have to blend. Several different, eclectic pieces of furniture can work as long as they vaguely come together with a common theme. Tara is very practical and understands you have to find a middle ground. Blending, compromise and functionality is the key.

Also how important is to have a women’s space in a home? A spare room in a home doesn’t haven’t to be a craft room. Consider creating a space of your own to find your inner peace again, whether it’s in a room or a garden. Be gone men’s sheds!

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