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The process of presentation for a successful sale


Vaughan Keenan is Principal of Brisbane real estate business, Grace and Keenan. Grace & Keenan is a boutique business with specialist knowledge of the premium property marketplace. They specialise in marketing homes that will be acquired by a discerning buyer.

What does Vaughan Keenan do when a potential vendor asks him to sell a house which hasn’t moved on the market for some time?

“Firstly you go through the process of finding out how it was marketed before, so you can see whether the fault actually lies with the previous agent, or whether the fault actually lies with the house itself. It might be bad presentation, it might be too expensive in the marketplace.”

“You can actually say if they’re wanting to achieve this (financial) result for the house, they might actually need to do things to the property to lift it up to where they want to achieve.”

Sometimes it can be as simple as changing an exterior trim colour, to changing the placement of furniture in the house. Other times it can be more involved, taking everything out for repainting, change carpets etc.

Deb comments “… and it’s a different perspective. You see things that they wouldn’t, and when you live within the stuff it’s very hard to do your own edit. Then for someone to come in with fresh eyes and have a look at it…”

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