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The Rise of the She Cave


Sisters are doing it for themselves ladies. While men carve out their testosterone laden man caves of sound, screens and cables, women are sneaking in their own private retreat right under everyone’s noses.

Her quest: To seek and acquire territory for her She Cave. Once found, she’ll stake it out and claim it as hers. Never again will a Y chromosome cast a shadow over the threshold of her She Cave, AKA, her dressing room.

walk in closet01
Source: Janet Stevenson, Closets and Cabinetry by Closet City

There’s a little bit of magic in a dressing room. It has disappearing powers. She disappears into it while other family members disappear from it.

When a man dares to hurry a woman while she’s getting dressed, does it end well for him? He learnt long ago, that when a woman is considering her outfit, the further away he is the better. And the kids? … Not that interested in being with Mum when she’s getting changed. Perfect!

The souped up walk in wardrobe has evolved into the dressing room sanctuary. The only place that is entirely her own. The fantasy décor of inside I dream of Jeannie’s bottle, of pink and purple glitter velvet cushions and ottomans will not be out of place here. Whatever your flavour of whimsy, this is the place for it.

walk in closet02
Source: Clever Closet Company

Staking it out – How are She Cavers Finding the Space?

They either:
1) Plan it as part of a new build or renovation
2) Re-purpose rooms no longer needed- bedrooms and basements for example.

walk in closet03
Source: Janet Stevenson, Closets and Cabinetry by Closet City

But what about re-sale implications of converting a bedroom?

Re-sale is not the concern of a woman who has staked her claim on the space. She knows her mind and has determined her needs.

Being organised every day in the present, is far more valuable to her than the possibility of a sale price in the future.

Having said that, they nearly always expect to be in the home for 5-10 years.

Is this really a thing?

Yes, many of our clients are She Cavers.

Who’s doing it?

She Cavers are equally represented from regular suburban residences to luxury homes. She’s just as likely to be a down to earth empty nester, a corporate executive or a young newlywed in a modest home.

clever closet trio image
Source: Clever Closet Company

Fun Fact: Female accountants are overly represented in this group of busy women who love order.

What’s in a She Cave?

Decorative Mirrors
Feature Lighting
Dressing Tables

clever closet dresser
Source: Janet Stevenson, Closets and Cabinetry by Closet City

Travel Accessories and Packing Benches
Laundry Hampers
Valet Hooks

clever closet hanging
Source: Clever Closet Company

Islands are very popular with Jewellery and Lighting

clever closet jewellery drawers
Source: Denise Butchko – Butchko and Company

Hand bag and shoe display

clever closet bag and shoe display
Source: Denise Butchko – Butchko and Company

A special place for individual treasures and photos

clever closet shelves
Source: Joyce Hardison – Native Oak, Ventura California

What do She Caves Cost?
Average around $20,000
Luxury $30,000 – $100,000

clever closet hanging
Source: Clever Closet Company

A few quotes from some of our She Cavers …

“When my husband can’t find me, he now says’ –Oh I know where she is, she will be in her dressing room” – Lesley

“It’s taken me months to stop saying to my walk in wardrobe with dramatic flourish of the hand, be still my aching heart” – Jann

“My girlfriends all love coming over and hanging out in my dressing room. We’re going to build another home with an even larger one” – Ossay

Sally Hart

Sally Hart is Sydney’s leading wardrobe and storage designer. Sally’s achievements have been recognised repeatedly over the years and most recently through being awarded the highly esteemed Best of Houzz Award 2015 for service. http://cleverclosetcompany.com.au/

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