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How do I know if I am being taken for a ride?


Deborah tells Undercover Architect owner Amelia Lee that she’d previously tried the tack of just being honest – telling consultants at the start that she didn’t know what she was doing. However, looking at all the different consultants and their various fees, she started wondering if she was being taken for a ride because they knew she didn’t know better.

So Deborah asks, should you be honest and admit you know nothing? Amelia says only if you have found really trusted people to work with.

But how do you know who to trust?

This can only happen if you do your own due diligence. And this mean research.

Amelia uses the example of how many women put a long time into researching exactly the right pram for their first child. Whether buying houses, or doing renovations, (which are much bigger financial investments), you shouldn’t expect it to be any less of a carefully researched process.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by just how much there is to know

When feeling overwhelmed, it is mistake is to treat it like ‘tearing off a band-aid’, if it you do it quickly you can get it over with! You may have a partner saying “I just want to be in the finished house already! You’re taking too long.” Don’t let your partner or anyone else pressure you into making quick decisions. Create your own framework of understanding, like an A – Z of what you need to know at that point.

About Amelia Lee – Undercover Architect

Amelia Lee is the architect behind Undercover Architect. Undercover Architect operates mainly online to help homeowners (especially women) design and plan their future new homes and renovations. Think of it as your secret ally in getting it right, and saving time, money and stress – whoever you’re working with to create or transform your home.


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