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Using the right interior wall cladding to create the Hamptons feel


In this throwback video, Deb and her builder Dave Klees chat about the interior wall products that would eventually create the beachy, Hamptons look for Deb’s interior.

Far before plans went to paper, Deb knew she wanted a high ceiling with exposed beams, typical of the classic opulence and spaciousness of a Hamptons interior. Planning a traditional tongue and groove look for the ceiling, Deb came across a fantastic product – HardiGroove lining. This versatile lining is a flat sheet that has vertical V-shaped grooves carved into its face, which mimics the appearance of tongue and groove timber panels.

Dave remarks that it is more cost-effective and less labour-intensive than installing traditional timber. HardiGroove creates faster coverage on all external and internal walls, and is resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire.

“HardieGroove™ lining can be used as an internal wall lining in residential living areas, hallways, bathrooms (excluding showers) and garages and on soffits where a durable, tongue-and-groove timber panel look is required. It can be used on either timber or light gauge steel framed homes.” Source: HardiGroove

In the video below, Dave and Deb talk about Scyon Axon wall cladding, a modern, versatile solution for external details and internal walls. The Axon can be used vertically or horizontally, and is available in three different widths, 133mm smooth, 400mm smooth and 133mm grained. It is long-lasting, durable and has the same streamlined appearance as timber without the maintenance and susceptibility to heat and moisture damage. It requires undercoating and the standard two coats of paint.

No Hamptons style home is complete without weatherboard cladding and usually features a mix of exterior elements such as stone cladding, tongue and groove features in the soffits or deck ceiling and so on. Deb was planning from the start to use Scyon Axon for the walls throughout the house.

scyon axon profile green wall
Image source: Scyon Walls



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