Why Vanessa Walker loves working within a digital community


Currently Editor of Houzz Australia and New Zealand, Vanessa Walker’s career has spanned all aspects of working in print media. In this discussion, she describes to Deborah what she loves about now working in an online environment.

The first thing she describes is the immediacy of online publishing. Print media is prepared three months in advance of publication, but online publishing is almost instant. It is the sheer volume of information an online platform like Houzz can produce and distribute, that Vanessa describes as a fantastic feeling.

Houzz publishes 15 editorial stories per week, all original, written by Australian journalists or professionals featured on the website. It makes the process of getting good ideas out to the community so much faster.

Vanessa notes how rapidly things change in the renovation and design market. As a continually evolving online resource, Houzz can:

  • keep people up to date with industry changes and trends
  • give recognition to outstanding design and innovation
  • help people who are renovating and looking for ideas

Deborah describes the Houzz community as offering a wealth of information. There are helpful conversations under every possible topic. All types of professionals can help you problem-solve for free. Other users who have undertaken previous projects offer helpful warnings on what did or didn’t work for them. There is a real community spirit and helpfulness within the Houzz community, and Vanessa thinks this is priceless.

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