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2017 Bathroom interior design ideas for architects


This article was originally published on this site. By Jon The Happysite Writer

At first thought, the bathroom is thought to be the dullest and least fashionable room in the house. But if you really sit and think about it, the bathroom is one of the places that you spend a lot of your time. Why don’t you let your creative energy flow and morph the space into a room of style and creativity! Here is where I can help you out. What are the trends for the 2017 in bathroom design? What colors and materials will people want? What appliances will be in fashion? What will be stylish and easy for the home owner to maintain? What are the latest and greatest creations? What innovations will the most popular interior designers create and with who’s brands?


Natural materials will not only add character and warmth to your room, but they’ll also help to soften the sleek lines of your bathroom. Whether you’re after a traditional, modern, rustic, period or minimalist look, there are plenty of natural materials one can utilize and transform you’re your bathroom and give it an organic look!

This new year, we are seeing a huge trend to add warm, organic styles by adding the feel of natural woods to the bathroom. Natural woods can take boring, bland, antiseptic bathroom designs and give it a personality. Adding natural materials also brings in the element of the outdoors to your bathroom. Look for the perfect wood species and the best stain you have used in other rooms of the house for your inspiration. This allows you to connect the bathroom with the rest of the home you’re designing.

Rather you add a wood floor, teak wood benches, bamboo mats, or the beauty of oak or walnut cabinets; adding a real element into your bathroom brings life as well as a natural warmth and style into the bathing space.


Today’s bathroom interior designers know a beautiful bathroom is an organized, tidy bathroom. When you’re in a rush in the morning, it’s highly unlikely you won’t have the time to be searching for your hair brush, your toothpaste, or your favorite lipstick. Today’s world is chaotic, hectic and stressful enough without us wasting our time in the rush of the wee small hours of the morning.

Cabinet manufacturers are currently offering customers many interior options to help you keep all of your bathroom essentials at hand. Customers now have storage options for keeping their small appliances such as hair dryers, curling irons, and other electronic appliances plugged in and ready to go. Cabinets now feature built-in drawers and pullouts specifically designed for various appliances.

Drawer dividers for all of your toiletries and your makeup are becoming essential features to be included in modern vanity designs, like they have been inn modern kitchen designs. Even the classic and conventional medicine cabinet is now becoming a crucial element for organization in the bathroom. Many new models featuring built in electrical plugs and USB slots for charging multimedia devices, as well as keeping your electric beard trimmer, electric toothbrushes consolidated in one place and ready to go whenever you need them. When designing a new, modern bathroom, smart storage is an emerging trend that will be in favor for the years to come.

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