Form vs Function: how to make your laundry work


Deb is a self-confessed laundry addict!  There is barely a day she doesn’t do some washing and loves her Miele washing machine.  Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly-laundered clothes and sheets?

But we don’t want to spend all day in there!  A well organised and designed laundry will help you spend less time in the laundry and more time enjoying our home with our family and friends. So we did some research and here are some things to consider in the design phase to make sure your laundry works for you in form AND function.

Create zones

Traditionally, there are 3 main zones in any laundry which are important to keep in mind so you can make practical decisions when allocating square footage, these areas include:

• The dirty area
A space allocated to washing baskets and hampers as well as a place where people can throw their laundry.

• The clean area
This is ideally a large benched area to fold or organise freshly laundered clothes when they are removed from the clothes dryer or brought in from the clothes line.

• The workspace
This is somewhere that utilities such as an ironing board, iron, laundry products and other relative items can be neatly stored away and easily accessed.

Be tech-savvy and save space

If you have a small laundry space, then a combined washer-dryer may be a great alternative in comparison to separate laundry appliances. This won’t just create more space but will also save you time and increase the longevity of your favourite pieces of clothing. With smart washing and drying technology that products like the Miele washer-dryer offer, hand-washing delicate items is nearly a thing of the past. The Miele washer-dryer solution is not only extra quiet but also incorporates high grade technology including 18 wash and dry programmes, steam care, thermos spin and auto-clean options, saving you both time and electricity.

Meile washer dryer

There is no such thing as too much storage

Choosing storage options is becoming less of a time-consuming challenge and more of a creative endeavour. With constant storage inspiration provided by platforms such as Houzz, the options seem almost limitless. From strategically designed cabinetry, fold-away ironing boards, clever shelving systems and decorative ways to contain laundry products, a great storage idea is only a click away.

We love this built in hamper design and great design tips from Organised Interiors!

Integrated laundry hampers

Here are some stylish inspiration ideas for practical laundry solutions that could be tailored to suit a space of any shape or size.

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