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How to make a house for sale feel like a home


Vaughan Keenan is Principal of Brisbane real estate business, Grace and Keenan. Grace & Keenan is a boutique business with specialist knowledge of the premium property marketplace. They specialise in marketing homes that will be acquired by a discerning buyer.

When a house is prepared for sale, it’s often styled by a professional designer, with rental furniture and generic prints. While it may present beautifully, it doesn’t always feel warm and welcoming. Deb is an admirer of Vaughan’s innate sense of style and the foresight he has had while designing his own homes. She asks him how to achieve that subtle balance of impeccable style, with warmth and liveability.

“You’ve got to actually create some balance within the property, so when they walk into a room, it actually feels good. It’s not just furniture plonked into a room.”

“It’s also about layering. Because when have your own home, you have stuff in your own home. You have pieces of things in your house that actually make you feel comfortable.”

Working with clients to restyle their homes for sale, Vaughan often has to redesign their décor without offending, while retaining a sense of their personality.

In this video, Vaughan explains more about the elements he considers to make a house on the market feel like a home.


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