Episode 36 – Downstairs walk-through


Things are quite intense at the moment. There’s something going on in every corner of the house. It’s not quite at lockup stage but very close. All ceilings are gyprocked, and the Scyon Axon wall sheeting is finished. I chose this horizontal style cladding to create a beachy feel throughout the house. Flooring will be done, then the staircase will go in.

I’m narrowing down my paint choice for the media room/guest room. This room will be the only room in the entire house that will have colour on the walls. I’m leaning towards this deep blue tone Winter Sea, which is a Dulux colour, and I plan to create contrast with lighter, natural textures. With a fireplace and TV, this room will feel so warm and cosy in winter.

The underfloor heating has just been installed in the bathroom, with more waterproofing and screeding to be finished off in the next few days. The laundry has been waterproofed, just waiting on the joinery now.

The master bedroom is completely clad. My walk-in wardrobe is nearly ready for fit-out. The door to the wardrobe will be a barn-hung style mirrored panel which I’ve specifically planned to conceal the wardrobe entrance.

Right outside the master bedroom will be a deck area and garden. As the base is rock, we’ve had to jackhammer down about 600mm to be able to install drainage and allow planting.

The room, or space, between the master bedroom and master bathroom will have an extra wardrobe for storage. You can never have too much storage!

You can see the underfloor heating is installed. FYI rookie renovators, the blue colour is the waterproofing, which is really important stage for the wet areas.

Lighting cut-outs are done, water outlets are ready for fit-off and we’re nearly ready for tiling.

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