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Selling or renovating – how important is the furniture layout?


Vaughan Keenan is Principal of Brisbane real estate business, Grace and Keenan. Grace & Keenan is a boutique business with specialist knowledge of the premium property marketplace. They specialise in marketing homes that will be acquired by a discerning buyer.

In this video, Vaughan and Deb discuss the relevance of furniture placement in a home for sale, and while planning a renovation. Deb knows that Vaughan has always had the foresight to allow for this when planning his previous renovations.

It seems that many people who are planning a renovation, whether their own, or for resale, commonly plan their rooms without thinking ahead to the type, scale or amount of furniture that will eventually be in the home.

“Often people start by planning a house, whether it’s a renovation or they’re building, and they have existing rooms. They’re working on the locations of the rooms, but they don’t think about furniture and how they’re going to live in it until it’s finished.”

Placement of furniture is just as important when styling a house for sale. If you can’t remove a wall, then the placement of the right piece of furniture can make a difference to the floorplan.

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