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The final reveal – The living, dining and kitchen areas


Living area

You would be hard-pressed to pick a favourite room in Deb’s gorgeous, newly renovated Hamptons style home, but there is no doubt the living area with it’s high, exposed rafter ceiling is a show-stopper! In this first video Deborah shows us around the finished upstairs area.

“From the moment I envisaged what this house was going to look like, I always had in my mind that I wanted a huge, open, vaulted ceiling with exposed rafters and this is exactly what I’ve ended up with and I fought for it! It’s got this beautiful thick exposed rafters, tongue and groove look panelling. This to me is what the Hamptons look is all about. It’s open, it’s airy and it’s light. And this is the most commanding thing of the whole house, this is what really captures you as soon as you walk up the stairs.”

“I had all these beautiful images on Houzz and Pinterest of all these Hamptons houses and this (the vaulted ceiling)  was one of the elements that I just loved.”

“I’ve never lived in an all-white house before. I’ve always had tonal colours. But this had to be white to me, and because of that, it was really important to bring in a lot of texture. Textures in terms of the fireplace and making sure I had this beautiful stone cladding, getting this beautiful recycled mantelpiece. Having the v-groove panelling on the walls into the kitchen, everything, even the chandelier lights, texture in the curtains, the flooring. Having this beautiful oak flooring, again, natural elements that were really so important to bring together into the one room. And this room really makes the house. This is my perfect Hamptons coastal style retreat.”

Key features of the living room include:


“One of the things that drove my decision in the design of the kitchen was I want it feel like it had been sitting here for some time, like it had ‘old bones’. And I want this kitchen to feel exactly like this in twenty, thirty years time – which it will. So that drove all my decisions around how I wanted everything to look – the Shaker profile on the drawers, the lovely fluted glass, the irregular subway pattern tile. Those sorts of things are really important to bring in because they’re timeless and they’re classic. If you are going to save up and spend your money on something in the kitchen other than appliances, put your money into amazing lights – because lighting is everything, and to me, those pendants are just the icing on the cake!”

Key features of the kitchen include:

Dining area

In the video below, Deb explains how she created her intimate room-within-a-room dining area.

“It’s interesting how this came about. I’ve had this table for years in my old house, with these chairs. When I lived in this house prior to renovating, I originally had the table down near the view and I assumed it would go back over there, never thinking I could create a room within a room. But that’s essentially what I’ve created here.”

“I’ve done that by having this bookcase made, rising up against this panelled wall at the back, and bringing in these beautiful macrame lights, putting up the artworks. There’s now an intimacy about this room, which is interesting to create when this is such a big room.”

“I love all the textures… and it’s a really lovely space to be in.”

Key features of the dining room include:

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