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Grace and Keenan’s stylish office space


This video series with Vaughan Keenan has been filmed at the stylish premises of Grace and Keenan, a new boutique property agency located in the inner city suburb of Newstead in Brisbane.

Vaughan had driven back and forth to work past the old 60s-built building as it sat unleased and unmaintained, for around three years. When he decided to start his own company, he inspected the building, loved the character features, and decided immediately it would become the new premises of Grace and Keenan. As Deb and Vaughan walk around the building, she notes that it feels like a home.

“When you walk through, you feel like you could live here. It’s like a really grand, lovely home.”

Deb especially loves that that the building is freestanding and somewhat iconic in design, not your typical real estate agency shop front in a shopping strip location.

The office is located in the inner city suburb of Newstead, which has been steadily developing into a new inner city commercial hub over the past few years. The central location is perfect for an agency that markets prestige properties from the CBD to all over Brisbane.


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