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Why style is all about layering. Melissa Penfold explains the 70% rule for interior designing


How do you successfuly style a room?

According to Melissa Penfold, it’s very similar to fashion rules.

Melissa describes it as following the “70 percent rule”, the same process you use getting dressed for going out. You always start by choosing your main item of clothing first.

This translates to creating the backdrop first (walls and floors) then you start filling it with classic staple pieces eg. table, sofa, side tables, good quality lamps.

“Those classic pieces you can take from room to room, from house to house.”

And the remaining 30 percent? It’s the final touches, the jewellery and accessories to match your outfit…

“… and then you layer the ‘personality pieces’ lightly on top, that you can change by season.”

Melissa reminds Deb that choosing good quality flooring is so important. It’s really the first part of creating your blank palette. A quality floor that will last through the ages. No amount of beautiful furniture can hide a cheap quality floor.

About Melissa Penfold

Melissa Penfold is a journalist and author, and often described as Australia’s foremost authority on style and design. With a career in the lifestyle industry for over 25 years, she has an unparalleled reputation as one of the country’s most respected and trusted journalists and style influencers. Melissa has two best-selling books on the subject of Australian Style and Melissa Penfold’s Little Black Book: Sydney’s Shopping Secrets, which are the golden standard of reference books for architects, designers, stylists and magazine editor’s around the country.

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