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Hamptons style exteriors – Details create the character


Natalee Bowen, interior designer and director of Indah Island, elaborates on the defining elements that go into creating an authentic exterior for a Hamptons style home – the importance of feature details.

For the exterior and interior, it is the detailing and layering that create this casual and elegant coastal style. It requires attention to the specific details, consistency from front to back, and no cutting corners on these important character elements.

“‘It’s how you layer and bring in the character – and that is through doing the details,” says Natalee.

“It’s also the way you enhance the different elements. Enhancing windows with beautiful mouldings, add a little sill if you need to, but do that throughout the whole home externally then that just makes everything pop.”

The right colour palette for your Hamptons home is a key feature.

“Traditionally greys (for weatherboard) and white are used for moulding and the balustrading, but if you wanted to take it to the next level, you could use white combined with black moulding and black shutters. Taupes with white and even white-on-white – but you do have to get the right white!”

Scyon have developed Scyon Axent trim which perfectly complements Scyon Linea weatherboard cladding. Scyon Axent is a thick and versatile edge treatment for any domestic window. Durable and versatile, it can be used as the finishing touch to internal and external corners, and as a design enhancer at butt joints.

In our flashback video below, Deb and her builder Dave Klees compare the look and profiles of Scyon Linea and Scyon Stria cladding.

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