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Meeting with the architect and the landscape artist


Alright, I’ve had a really good meeting. The thing that I’ve really discovered about this whole thing is that it’s such a process.

Trying to get the DA in is really the first stage, and it’s quite of a crude stage in terms of design. For me, I sort of got a picture of what my house is supposed to look like, and when I see what Richard – the architect – has done, I look at the house and it’s not singing to me.

I was like, ‘Ok, what do we do to make it really the house I want it to be?’ so in years to come, when I drive down and look at it I can go, ‘It’s gorgeous, and pretty, and looks lovely at night!’ For me to reach that stage and know now, in the DA stage, whether that’s gonna happen or not is being really challenging for me because I can’t see it (yet).

So today was about getting Richard down with what he’s designed at the side of the house, and bring in Myles Baldwin, a fantastic landscaper who I used on my old place, to soften the front of the house with landscaping and really make it softer and prettier. That was today, and it was great/

We’ve looked at all the plans, and I feel it now, when Myles comes back with his new drawings and Richard just sorts a couple of things on his side for their work together… Fingers crossed.

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