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The Miele Experience: The oven crisp function and fan grill


As the soon-to-be owner of Miele kitchen appliances, Deb was recently invited to an owner demonstration at her local Miele Experience Centre. Owner demonstrations show you how to use all the different features of the appliances competently, and when to apply them in your cooking.

In this video, Deb watches on as Esther, a Miele Culinary Expert, uses the Miele range of cooking appliances to perfect a series of dishes. This is the second in a series of videos from the demonstration, sharing some effective methods, techniques and tips which will help take your cooking to a professional level.

Esther explains that some Miele ovens like the 666 and M-Touch ovens, have a Crisp Function. This is fast, single-touch function perfect for creating crispy skinned potatoes or vegetables as you have finished roasting your meat. It basically reduces the moisture in the oven to create a drier heat.  You also have the option of using the fan grill, which also has a Crisp Function.

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