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Keeping my lighting costs down


Once I started sourcing my fixtures and fittings, I realised that lighting forms a huge part of this process. I’ve chosen quite a variety for different rooms in the house. Watch my video below to hear more.

What I’ve found is that the price of lighting is astronomical! Especially when you’re looking for good quality, beautiful lights. How I’ve decided to economise is to invest more in the lights that are key features.

kitchen pendantsFor the kitchen, I’ve chosen three polished nickel, industrial looking pendant lights that cost a small fortune. But I decided that they’re such a focal point of the kitchen, and of that living space, that it’s worth spending the money on them.

Although I still want all the lighting to look good, I’m planning to spend less on other lights throughout the house. One thing I’ve found when you’re working with designers, is that they show you catalogues of really beautiful items, but slowly the prices start escalating until it gets ridiculous. This has made me do a lot of research on where to source good lighting, where you can get the ‘looks for less.’

While doing my research I’ve become a big fan of Restoration Hardware in the US. If you become a member, you get around 20% off. So when I saw they were having a 20% off sale, I decided to look for some bargains & found some really gorgeous lights that still worked out within my budget. You have to pay for shipping from the US but it still works out economically with the sale prices. I’m about to put in an order, so I’ll let you know how it goes. They’ll need to be rewired for Australian voltage, but that’s not a big cost. In the end, I’ll have some really beautiful lights that are different to everything in the stores here. I really hope they arrive in one piece!


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  1. Peter Bowen

    December 6, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    Will your lighting be smart wired to allow remote/wi-fi control? I’m sure you would have considered that – but just in case not. Text me if you like.

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