New Houzz series: 3 Things I wish my clients knew


Vanessa William, Editor of Houzz Australia and New Zealand, talks to Deborah about a new series of Houzz articles titled “3 Things I Wish My Clients Knew”. Each instalment is by a different professional, talking about the 3 key things they wished their client understood from the start.

Vanessa mentions one particular instalment reveals great advice on the common misconception that minimalist design is a cheap look to achieve. Read more on this here.

The 3 Things series offers:

  • answers to questions they’re commonly asked
  • practical considerations that would speed up the design and installation process
  • knowledge gaps they’d love us to fill
  • an extra “golden nugget” of advice

Architect Dominic Bagnato has contributed many articles to Houzz, offering advice from his unique perspective of an architect who comes from a building background. Dominic presents a very simple analogy for understanding what to expect cost-wise when you are choosing a roof design for your house – a roof is like a hat we wear. Read Dominic’s Roof article here.

The 3 Things series will help you start to form a great baseline of knowledge before your project begins.


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