The key tips Vanessa Walker has taken from Houzz to her home


As Editor of Houzz Australia and New Zealand, it is safe to assume Vanessa Walker has every possible bit of renovation information at her fingertips. Deborah asks her, from all that information, what are the key things she has taken and applied in her own life?

Where to spend and where to save

Houzz often runs stories by professionals about what is worth spending money on. It can also come down to personal preference and priorities. Vanessa’s preference in her own kitchen renovation was to save on tiles, which aren’t her favourite feature, and spend on tapware she loved. The benchtops would be her next big spend.

To have confidence in my own style

“Your home should reflect you and work for you. You shouldn’t slavishly follow a trend because trends change.”

Whatever style you have (or may think you have), you can do a keyword search in the Houzz editorial section to find out all about it. Think about what works for you and learn how to incorporate the main elements of that style into your renovation.


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